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D&D Icons of the Realms The Yawning Portal Inn Beds and Bottles

D&D Icons of the Realms The Yawning Portal Inn Beds and Bottles

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Make sure you have everything you need for a memorable game night at D&D Icons of the Realms: The Yawning Portal Inn! With Beds & Bottles, you’ll enjoy a variety of tables and chairs, kegs and barrels, and even two styles of beds to help set the scene. Waterdeep’s popular gathering place is ready to come to life at your table.

This set includes*:

Single Bed, (1)

Double Bed, (1)

Nightstands, (2)

Round Table, (1)

Square Table, (1)

Long Table, (1)

Chairs, (6)

Stools, (6)

Barrel on Stand, (1)

Barrel Stack, (1)

Barrels, (2)

Six Ft Keg, (1)

Small Keg, (1)

Three Bottle Cluster, (1)

Five Bottle Cluster, (1)

Eight Bottle Cluster, (1)

Mugs, (4)

Mugs with Foam, (4)

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