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Redgrass Studio v2 Reusable Membranes for Everlasting Wet Palette

Redgrass Studio v2 Reusable Membranes for Everlasting Wet Palette

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The best wet palette for miniatures is back, completely transformed with a host of new features. With this pack, add 15 reusable membranes with amazing hydration performance. For Studio v2, also compatible with Studio v1.

  • 15x Studio v2 Reusable Membranes

New Hydration Membrane

The patented reusable hydration membranes by Redgrass Games are state-of-the-art innovations. They offer superior moisture control and paint consistency retention. The new membranes are proven to keep even small amounts of paint fresher for longer between painting sessions- the perfect aide for the busy miniature painter. Paints will not run, dilute or break, which means you can base, layer, and highlight all on one palette.

Reusable Hydration Membranes

The Redgrass Games wet palette pushes efficiency to new limits, as the new one-sided membrane can be used multiple times. Testers have been able to use each membrane a minimum of 3 times, and up to 10 times, sometimes more. A reusable membrane saves you money

But what is a reusable membrane?

Existing paper sheets for wet palettes are single-use and need to be thrown away.

Our reusable membrane, however, can be rinsed clean easily. It means you can apply colours on it, do extended painting sessions with these colours, and then simply clean them, and start again with a new project.

From our tests, you can reuse them at least 4 times for many different projects! It will gradually stain over these cleaning cycles, but performance will remain consistent

Some independent reviewers have been able to reuse them up to 10x times. It really comes down to how careful your usage is.

Cleaning paints when they have not cured yet improves the reusability greatly. But that's what our wet palette is good at, keeping your paints wet!

So, with our 15-membrane packs, you can easily expect to carry around 60 projects or more